1 Day Course

9.30-10 am
Getting started.. How ARC works.

10-12 pm
Yoga postures, relaxation and breathing techniques. All levels welcome.

12.15-1.15 pm
Lunch (vegetarian). Discussion on foods for concentration.

1.15-4.30 pm
Art workshop. Applying the lessons from the morning practise.

The techniques benefit beginners as well as professionals.

3 Days Course

The days structure is identical to the introduction day.

Through the three days we go deeper into the practise.

Depending on where ARC is held, the art workshop in the afternoons will take place over various locations.

Some knowledge of yoga is necessary. If not, please take the introduction course..


ARC runs in conjunction with hotels who can offer supervision for children while the parents take the course.

Daily drop in classes are available in between the course dates.

Details for courses in 2016 to follow.

Yoga Class

Personal coaching and private classes for individuals or small groups can be arranged.

What Will You Need:

A3 layout pad. Two bulldog clips. Pencil 2B. Pencil sharpener. Yoga mat or a thin travel mat. Towel. Lose clothing. Check the location to see if you need rock plimsols.