Art & Relaxation

"Art is an Act from the Soul"

The Art & Relaxation Course (ARC) is a unique combination of hatha yoga and art that expands the understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

Creativity's expression is an essential element that helps us stay aware of the new phases in our lives, letting our uniqueness flow freely. It's a primal impulse inside each of us that we can commune with directly.

This expression can be documented through art by creating a visual diary, which helps us to learn more, stay young, stress free and bring more peace into our lives.

The beauty of ARC is that it can be tailor-made for students beginning their careers, creative and professional groups who want to recharge. The course will happen in Europe and the UK to capture the tranquility of the seasons.

ARC is unique experience for all ages: even for those who cannot draw. Please send your contact details so information can be forwarded to you on where ARC will take place. For more information, or personal requests, especially if you have a location in mind, then drop a line or please call Nick.